A US deal between Toys R Us and DST enabled fans to get Minimates from their stores but certain packs were limited to 1 per case. Rather than talk too much about this – a situation that appears to be rectified with later Marvel case assortments at TRU – I want to concentrate on the figures themselves, but wanted to note that as a non-US citizen I have relied on the generosity of HRGMann at the Minimate Multiverse to get some of the Marvel exclusives into my somewhat sweaty hands.


The packaging is the now standard window box with control art below the windows which allow you to see the Minimates themselves. They also have mini-bios on the back which tells you a little about each character, something I always find useful.


The Figures



Bullseye originally appeared way back in wave 4 of the Marvel Minimates line, and was deemed ready for a re-do as at the same time DST were also creating Minimates based on Norman Osborne’s Thunderbolts, of which Bullseye was a clandestine member. This figure really exemplifies the differences between the bright and cartoony, overly simple nature of the early Marvel Minimates compared to the detail-heavy, highly sculpted Minimates that populate the line today.


The old Bullseye had a removable mask, which was all the rage at the time, but later Minimates have utilized a full-head mask, allowing for two different expressions, and that’s what we get with the updated Bullseye. The full mask has great eye detailing and a smirk on Bullseye’s face. Remove it, and you get more of a leer, his furrowed brow and the bullseye cut into his forehead. Excellent detail work on both expressions.

Bullseye2-6 Bullseye2-7

The costume is a much more muted colour this time around, almost-but-not-quite black, that really makes the white on the costume stand out. This new Bullseye gains muscle detailing on the torso, and the white rings on the top of the costume have detailing to show muscle underneath, rather than the flatness of the original torso block. The only letdown is on the gloves, with the black detailing line being very messy.

Bullseye2-3 Bullseye2-4

Bullseye gets more weapons to kill other Minimates with than the original had. He gets two sais (fittingly reused from Elektra) and two billy clubs (reused from Daredevil). He can store one weapon in each of his leg-sheathes, which is a lovely touch. More sculpted flourishes include the belt and some ankle strapping.


In conclusion, this update shows how far Minimates have come in five years. A massive improvement over the original figure in every single way, from detailing to accessories, making this an essential villain figure for your collection.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10





Moonstone is another member of the New Thunderbolts, a team which comprises reformed (or otherwise controlled) villains. Moonstone is the field leader of the team. Her superpower appears to be the ability to stand upright, if the torso detailing is to be believed! Er, no, sorry; her powers are obviously flight, intangibility and the ability to produce light flashes. She’s like a manipulative and devious version of Dagger.


The Dagger comparison is apt, as Moonstone is a similarly superhero-proportioned blonde in a tight, white costume. The hair, thankfully, isn’t another re-use of New X-Men Jean’s. I can’t quite place it due to my advancing old age but I assume it’s a re-use from somewhere. It’s a very appealing hairpiece though, framing Moonstone’s face with her blue eyes and pouty lips.

Moonstone’s outfit is captured in a very lovely off-white pearlescent sheen; seriously, the paint job shines under light and it looks great. Of course, the most noticeable aspect of her outfit are the huge norks outlined in black, along with the detailing of the most tiny waist – such exaggerated proportions which would surely kill her, but hey, she’s really a two-inch flat piece of plastic so it’s OK. The chest area also sees gold highlights which work well with the white sheen, and her gloves are also this gold colour.


Moonstone has no accessories.

In conclusion, a nice representation of a female villain, something we don’t see very often in the Marvel line.


MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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