Hi kiddies, what’s that lurking in your closet? Is it another Real Ghostbusters wave 1 set or could it be …..the Boogieman*!?!

*this message has not been approved by the Boogieman; according to him he does not exist, only Boogie Shoes exist; Boogie Shoes may be in your closet and they are much scarier than the Boogieman



The packaging is the blister card pack showcasing the figures and accessories. The pack has an insert with The Real Ghostbusters’ name & logo ghost. The logo ghost is also on the front card behind the figures. The back shows the other figures available in the series with short bio of each of the two characters included. The TRU exclusive sticker is on the front. One special detail about this packaging, you’ll notice that Boogieman’s head is too large for the regular sized blister card so the plastic sticks out a bit in front for his nose and hair; that’s the first time that I can remember the packaging being changed for just one figure.


The Figures


The Boogieman is probably the most well-known villain from the cartoon series as he appeared many times throughout the shows run. He was definitely my favorite character from the show and had a great creepy voice (voiced by none other than Megatron himself, Frank Welker).
This figure really blends the line of what exactly makes a minimate a minimate. Most of the figure is done in sculpted pieces, so much so that it looks more like a small action figure instead of a true minimate. The huge sculpted headpiece has got to be one of the best that we have ever seen: huge pointy ears and nose, cleft chin, spiked blue hair with long mullet in the back (the 80’s was not kind to the Boogieman). He has a great expression with the menacing large red/yellow eyes and that ghastly grin. Underneath is a blank white minimate head.
The torso cover is also very large and sculpted. His waistcoat with tails is wonderfully recreated; love the details of his bowtie and even his belly protruding out too. Underneath you again have a white blank torso. The arms are done in the same black color for his waistcoat and he has sculpted white hands with claw like fingers; not very minimate-like.  The legs are one of the most interesting new parts of this figure. The top of the leg is a regular minimate thigh piece however the bottom part has the reverse bend for his white goat legs along with blue hoof feet. His right leg has a hole-peg in the bottom but the left does not (I just find this odd why both didn’t have holes). The legs themselves don’t bend much, if any, at the hinge and because of the large sculpted pieces the legs, waist and head don’t allow for much movement.
Boogieman comes with one accessory, a black disk with foot-peg to help balance this top heavy figure. Customizing-wise the hands and especially the feet I’m sure will come in handy for many customizers but I’m not sure what else could be used for his head and torso cover.
In conclusion this is a great figure, absolutely perfect representation of the character. One would be hard pressed to find a better toy/collectible made of the Boogieman. However can you really call it a minimate??

MMC Score – Disqualified (not a minimate); Action Figure Score – 10 out of 10


Energy Terror Dog

Although they didn’t show up much in the cartoon series you did catch a glimpse of them during the intro. They were much larger than the ones in the movies and for some reason they were blue (not sure why, perhaps they were just sad).

The Energy Terror Dog has the same sculpted pieces as the ones seen before: a sculpted head, a sculpted torso piece, a sculpted pelvic/tail piece, and 4 sculpted feet. Also it has the translucent plastic but this time all blue tinted. The base Minimate (consisting of block torso, crotch piece, head and 4 limbs) is a regular translucent blue Minimate. The sculpted pieces have a purple hue with purple electricity detail on them. All very effective and really cool looking. The horns are painted black along with its mouth and red eyes. The face has the same menacing snarl.

This figure has no extra accessories but as before I see no need for them. The minimate blank parts may be put to good use for customs.

In conclusion, another good dog to add to the pack.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

Review and pictures by Lurch77

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