For Marvel wave 34, the variant is well chosen, as Selene is a C-list female X-Men villain and, with all due respect, is unlikely to attain a full spot in a wave. She also fits in nicely with the Hellfire Club Guard, as she was part of its Inner Circle. This review will focus only on Selene, as the army builder has already been reviewed this wave.


No real need to redesign such a successful package, everyone knows what it looks like now.


The Figure

Black Queen Selene


Selene is a mutant, living thousands of years due to her powers of absorbing life. A regular X-Men foe, she was the Hellfire Club’s Black Queen after Jean Grey but always wanted sole control of the Inner Circle, putting her at odds with the other leaders.


Selene is depicted as being a dark haired, exotic woman and that’s what we get here. The expression is going for alluring, with her finely edged eyebrows and pronounced cheekbones. The long black hair of the hairpiece (is it a reuse? I guess it must be but I can’t immediately place it) fits the overall look, with even her lips being covered in black lipstick. She’s certainly a bit of a Goth.


Make that a Goth fetishist. As with the Jean Grey Black Queen, and Emma Frost’s White Queen, the outfit is extremely racy and really doesn’t leave much to the imagination. The chest detailing, with its impressive cleavage, is exquisite, with white “lighting” on the black top giving a nice sense of depth. Selene gets the same cape as Jean, except this time all in black. This means it’s not as pretty or elegant as Jean’s one, which had red lining, even if it fits the character accurately.


To mimic her tall black boots, Selene gets the slipover ankle pieces that Rogue had in this wave. They work as well as always and add some class to the ensemble.


Selene gets the same accessory as Black Queen Jean, the black-coloured lasso piece that’s reused from Wonder Woman. Again, no real complaints about the reuse.


In conclusion: A very good choice for a variant, and executed well, using the more marketable Jean as a base. Not really a toy for the kiddies, though most X-Men fans will appreciate the effort shown here.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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