In case you missed the big announcement from C2E2; Luke’s Toy Store is going to have an exclusive boxset of the Deadly Foes of Spider-Man. This set will feature Carnage, Doctor Octopus, Sandman and Lizard. There are several newly sculpted pieces, including new symbiotic parts for Carnage, a classic Lizard head and a great set of tentacle arms for Doc Ock that even lift him off the ground. The set also comes with swappable accessories to give you multiple looks for the characters. You can turn the Lizard into Curt Connors, there’s an unmasked Carnage head and hair, and non-powered parts for Sandman. This is a limited set so be sure to preorder and also Luke has something special for those that purchase 3 sets or more.

Check out the pictures from C2E2 on the forum to see more of this amazing set and also check out the video from the panel below. Stay tuned to MMC for a review of this set along with more Spidey related specials:

(big thanks to Delta for filming this for the minimate community)

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