The new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, opens in theatres this week. So let’s take a trip down memory lane to check out one of the better C3 construction sets. You can also check out the old reviews for minimates of Catwoman and Bane to get the full Bat-experience.



The packaging is a large semi-window box with the Batman and C3 logo in the upper right. The front shows off the Batwing in action with large concept art of Batman on the left that wraps around the side. On the right, you can see the minimate in the window portion of the box.  Some of the set’s features are shown on the side and on the back you can see other sets in this wave along with a technical breakdown drawing of the set.

The C3 pieces are in several bags in the main part of the box. The minimate is packed in a tray with ties holding it in place. Also included is the assembly guide which I also have a pdf of attached at the end of this review.


The Figure

Pilot Batwing

The figure is the exact same as the Pilot figure in the Stealth Batwing set just with blue highlights instead of yellow. Also a different brown color on knees with brown straps instead of yellow highlight line down the front of his legs.
It’s still a very good figure even compared to newer minimates released. The cowl/helmet has the blue flip-up visor that has the hose attachment to the front of his torso cover. Underneath you have the basic Batman logo.
No extra hairpiece is included but he does come with the quick change torso cover/cape along with his regular black cowl. Strangely no extra black gloves or boot covers; those were in the Stealth set.

Overall, he’s not as complete as the Stealth version but still pretty awesome.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


The Construction Set


Honestly it has been so long since I opened this set that I couldn’t remember which bags of blocks went with this set. I think I grabbed a couple of the Batcopter ones by mistake. But having the guide, it was easy to get them all separated.
The setup and construction is the same 110 pieces as the Stealth set just a bit easier since they’re black blocks instead of translucent blue. My son and I had a fun time putting them together and everything snapped into place easily, thankfully none of the issues seen with other sets. And yes I know there’s a lot of pink in these pictures but my daughter’s room happens to have the best natural lighting.
Lego has released several Batwing sets since C3 first came to market but none of them have the exact curved classic Batman symbol frame that this set does. So even against similar Lego Batwing sets this one is still a stand out.
This Batwing has lots of playability. You have the shooting missiles, landing pads that can raise and lower, and even a cockpit that can pop-out for its own little mini-flier. I’d wager a guess that little extra helped to spur the C3 minifliers we saw released later.
Personally I think this was the best C3 set released. It’s classic Batman fun!

MMC Score – 10 out of 10


C3 Batwing Assembly Guide


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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