Battlestar Galactica Razor is a telemovie set around the time of BSG series two that also explore the history of human/Cylon relations and the part that various members of the BSG and Pegasus crews played in them. The ‘Razor’ in the title refers to a member of the Pegasus crew who is part of the Razor five-pack boxset.


Like the previous retail boxes (not reviewed at MMC) the boxes ship in an outer carton that has the box number on it. Mine appears to be 517 of 700.

The inner carton has a picture of a Cylon warrior on the lid which folds in half to create a display backing. The Minimates themselves are packed individually and arranged in three rows of four boxes.


The Minimate boxes are also the same format as the previous retail box releases. A slender carton with a window cut out that displays the Minimate within. The sides of the boxes show the ‘mates available in this release. The back of the box has a list of all the available figures. A red sticker indicates which figure is in the box.


The assortment in my box is as follows:

3 x Cylon Pilot
2 x Cylon Warrior
2 x Cylon Commander
2 x Pegasus Six
1 x Gold Cylon warrior
1 x Dead Pegasus Six
1 x Freefall Cylon

The Figures

Cylon Pilot


The Cylon Pilot looks almost exactly the same as the Cylon Warrior. The main differences are the lack of a skirty thing and the circlets on the upper arm. Other than that they’re a bang-on Minimate-style rendition of the modern version of the retro Cylon. I know, it’s hard to get your head around isn’t it? The people behind BSG Razor did a great update on the source material. The retro Cylon looks very similar to its original series counterpart but is much more robotic in appearance.

The look of all the Cylons in this set is achieved in much the same way as both the modern and classic Cylons. The headpiece slides over a standard Minimate head. It’s much easier to remove than on prior versions. The eyeslit is different to the classic version, it look far more mean, almost as though the Cylon is glowering at whatever it looks at. The chestpiece is also updated – it’s more streamlined than the Classic Cylon and the shoulderpads are less rounded. The belt has many equipment pouches and continues down to cover the T-piece of the Minimate in a similar fashion to that of the waist/belt section of the modern BSG Cylon. The backpack on the Cylon is again another update to the classic version. It’s much the same but there is far more detail apparent.

There is a small amount of decoration to the leg area of the Cylon which is intended to portray the leg assembly and remind us that these Cylons aren’t guys in suits. Which takes us to the boots. What a glorious piece of work these boot pieces are. This is the area where the modern retro Cylon really differs from its classic counterpart. From the knee down the Cylon is very much robotic. At rest the knees are bent so the Cylon gives the impression of a predatory bird. The back of the leg has a sort of piston assembly and this has been recreated as closely as possible in a Minimate style. The boots are chunky and clunky and the leg sits much higher in them making the Cylon taller as a result.

My one complaint about this figure (and all the other modern-retro Cylons) concerns the gauntlets. The hand at the end of the gauntlet is set at a weird angle which means that any accessory looks awkward when placed in the hand. In this case the Cylon Pilot is accessorised with a laser rifle.

In conclusion: A worthy addition to the Cylon ranks.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10

Cylon Warrior


Almost exactly the same as the Cylon Pilot but with different pieces on the upper arm that look to be either equipment pouches or grenades.

The Warrior also has a nicely updated skirt thing, which looks to be armour-plating rather than a bit of cloth intended to hide costume deficiencies.

The Warrior has a slightly different weapon as its gun has a stock. Unfortunately due to the angle of the hands and the length of the stock it does tend to get bent. Not good.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10

Cylon Commander/Gold Cylon Warrior


The Cylon Commander is essentially the same figure as the Cylon Pilot but finished in ‘gold’ which is more like shiny mustard. The gold does help the grey sections of the armour stand out though and made me appreciate how intricate some of the paint apps must be.

The Cylon Warrior is redone in gold, however the skirty thing is grey but with gold highlights front and rear.

The Cylon Commander is equipped with the same laser rifle as the Pilot. The Gold Clyon Warrior gets the same rifle with stock that the non-gold Warrior has.

MMC Scores – 7 out of 10 (both Cylons)

Pegasus Six


This Cylon number Six leads a boarding party on the Battlestar Pegasus. It’s only when she is killed by Kendra Shaw that the truth about another Six masquerading as a member of the Pegasus’ crew comes out.

Yet again another Six Minimate that really looks nothing like Tricia Helfer.To be fair it’s not the easiest of likenesses to translate to ‘mate and it’s not an bad looking ‘mate at all. At least they’ve given her a new hairstyle though.

This Six wears a white jacket and black shoes and trousers. Take that jacket off and you’re in for a treat. Check out that cleavage… Outrageous!!!

I have to say that having had the figure in my hand I side with Minimate Multiverse member TM2 Dinobot who had a longstanding argument with Chuck from DST over the *ahem* raised area on the chest of that jacket. Dammit Chuck, they’s boobies!!!

Pegasus Six has no accessories.

In Conclusion: It’s a nice figure, no pun intended and it does stand out among the hordes of warriors, but ultimately there’s not a lot to get excited about. [Except that whole part with the cleavage, surely? – Ed.]

MMC Score – 7 out of 10

Dead Pegasus Six


So not long after this number Six boards the Pegasus she’s wasted by Kendra (the Razor) Shaw. I’d love to know which bright spark at DST came up with the concept of a Minimate based on a dead character.

Although it’s the same character there are a lot of differences between this ‘Dead’ Six and her live counterpart. Some sicko has had a lot of fun designing this Minimate. The eyes have rolled up in their sockets, the mouth has sagged open and drools blood. It’s really quite brilliantly revolting.


Six’s pristine white jacket has been wrecked somewhat by the large bloodstain that’s spreading across her chest, there’s some really yucky splatter too. The back of the ‘mate also has a large spreading blood stain. Take off the coat and that magnificent Minimatey cleavage is occluded by ichor. It’s a nice (if somewhat disturbing) touch but it’s a shame that the same tampo, complete with spatter has been used on the front of the actual ‘mate and the same tampo from the back of the jacket is used on the back.

Dead Pegasus Six has no accessories, but then she’s hardly going to need them, is she?

In conclusion: The most unnecessary Minimate since Peter Parker/Spiderman but brilliant all the same

MMC Score – 8 out of 10 (one point added for sheer chutzpah!)

Freefall Cylon

A Cylon Pilot that ends up in a freefall gun battle with the young Bill Adama.

I approached this Cylon with some level of cynicism. When pictures of it first circulated it appeared to be on the same lines as the ‘battle damaged’ Cylons as seen in both the classic and re-imagined single packs. They were disappointments because of the poor level of battle damage, meaning that they just looked a bit dirty.

This Freefall Cylon actually isn’t a disappointment. The Cylon is supposed to have been damaged by the heat of re-entry and I have to say his carapace does look suitably singed, there’s a lot of blackening to the chest and head pieces and there’s also some further blackening on the boots.

What is nice with this figure is the inclusion of the knife that has ‘popped’ out of the left hand gauntlet. I did notice when looking at the other modern-retro Cylons that they lacked a short sword. It wasn’t until I unboxed this bad boy that I remembered why.

As well as the non-removable knife, the Freefall Cylon is accessorised with a pilot’s laser rifle.

In Conclusion: The Freefall Cylon is surprisingly cool-looking!

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

Overall Thoughts

Final Thoughts: This is a great selection of Cylon figures though I’m not sure why DST felt that a box of 12 single packed figures was a good idea? There’s enough characters in the Razor Telemovie to have devoted a regular BSG wave to. Instead fans have had to dig deep to get their hands on some cool Cylons (and one very sick one).

Agree? Disagree? Why not vote for yourself below, or comment further over at the Minimate Multiverse MMC Review Forum.

Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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