Battlestar Galactica Razor is a telemovie set around the time of BSG series two that also explore the history of human/Cylon relations and the part that various members of the BSG and Pegasus crews played in them. The ‘Razor’ in the title refers to Kendra Shaw, a member of the Pegasus crew who is part of this Razor five-pack boxset.

This 5-pack is similar in style to the other BSG 5-packs; the Colonials and the Cylon Empire. Previously, a BSG Razor case assortment of single-packed Minimates was also available. That assortment featured a couple of characters – the Cylons – who are also available in this set, however as an army-builder, you really can’t have too many Cylons.



The usual style of pack that we’ve come to expect from DST on all but the Marvel releases. An elegant slimline blister pack shows off all of the Minimates and accessories. A small inlay card sits in the bottom of the blister.

The back of the card features a large group photo of the characters with their names. It also features a smaller photo of the characters available in the retail display case that was issued slightly earlier, as well as a quote from the telemovie itself.

The Figures

Kendra Shaw

Kendra started out on the Pegasus as Aide to Admiral Cain. At first Cain dislikes Shaw but gradually warms to her and hones her into an efficient if somewhat emotionless officer.

Kendra is shown here in what I believe is a Lieutenant’s uniform. It’s exactly the same as the other Colonial Officer uniforms we’ve seen in past releases of modern BSG, the only real difference being the Pegasus crewpatch on the upper left shoulder.

Facially it’s not too bad a likeness, actually I do the ‘mate a disservice. It’s a very good likeness; the mouth and eyes are the right shape and even the lines of the eyebrows follow those of the character. Unfortunately the hairpiece lets the ‘mate down. The way it starts to spread out at the neck gives Kendra a slightly fat looking face, it would have been better if some of the hair came over the front of one shoulder which could have given the ‘mate a much softer look.

Soft’s not where Kendra is at though, she’s a warrior through and through and is accessorised with a standard BSG hand gun and a character-specific knife.

In conclusion: A good translation.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10

William “Husker” Adama

This is Admiral Bill Adama as he was back in the day. A hotshot pilot nicknamed ‘husker’ because of his gravelly voice.

Facially this does really look like a younger version of the Admiral Adama Minimate. For some reason that makes me laugh, please don’t ask me to explain. There’s also a look of the Minimate Apollo around this little guy. I think it’s in the cheekbones.


Husker wears an older version of the Colonial flight suit which is much chunkier than it’s modern day counterpart. It’s also a much lighter colour though I get the impression that it’s supposed to be similar material. There are silver chains around the neck that continue around the back into what appears to be chainmail, and silver buttons down the front of the uniform. I believe the buttons on the actual suit would continue underneath what could be a leather or kevlar over-vest.

There are also armoured sections around the wrists and ankles. The detailling looks excellent and provides a nice contrast to the rest of the suit. Husker’s flight suit has two patches, one on each arm. One I believe to be the Galactica Crew Crest, the other looks like a flight group design but I could be wrong. Either way they’re both well applied and enhance the look of the figure.

I’m as impressed with this version of the flight suit as I was when I reviewed Apollo in wave one. It looks fantastic and the attention to detail is very much appreciated by this Minimate fan.

Husker is accessorised with a pilot helmet and what looks to be an alternative chest piece with a parachute pack attached. The helmet is subtly different to those of the modern era pilots. It’s gold (or copper) as opposed to bronze and the ‘o’ on the chinpiece is contrasted silver. Initially I had a great deal of difficulty getting the helmet over the head.For some reason it just would not go past the final quarter of the head. So I took it off and tried it on Kendra’s head and it fitted like a glove, a glove full of superglue. It took me a few minutes to get the helmet back off, but once it was freed it seemed to fit over Husker’s head just fine. Comes off fine too, most odd. Be aware that to fit thr alternative chestpiece you first need to remove the figures belt.

Husker also has a blaster pistol which sits in his hip holster.

In conclusion: An excellent Minimate. One of the best BSG ‘mates of any era.

MMC Score – 10 out of 10

Gina Inveire

We’ve seen Gina before. She’s the Cylon model number six that we initially saw in Season 2 of BSG being brutalised by the crew of the Pegasus. This ‘mate is based on Gina in what was for her, happier times.

Tricia Helfer is never going to translate well to Minimate form. That said. this is a good stab and while the likeness is nowhere near it’s still a nice looking female ‘mate. A fan would know who she’s supposed to be. A casual observer wouldn’t have a clue. I do like the hairpiece she’s been given. Although character specific to Gina it’s a nice looking piece and I’m sure customisers in Minimate-land already have plans for it.


Gina is aboard Pegasus as a systems analyst and wears the uniform of one. It pretty much consists of a blue smock coat over ordinary clothes. I believe the patches on the sleeve denote duty. Once again there’s a definite hint ofbooby in the way the coat comes forward at the chest. Naughty DST! Underneath the coat Gina is wearing a black vest top which has only the slightest hint of cleavage. Sorry Danny! Paint detailing is minimal (arms and vest) but well applied. I’m not sure what the black band on Gina’s left wrist is supposed to be? But it looks fine and is obviously meant to be there.

Gina is accessorised with what appears to be a hand held computer with the schematics of the Pegasus displayed. Oh those dastardly Cylons and their devastating plans!

In conclusion: Another day, another Six. But I like this one.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10

Cylon Pilot and Cylon Warrior

These have both been reviewed in the Razor single packs review. There’s not much to add but I would like to point out a couple of omissions in that review.

Firstly, the body pieces of pilot and warrior are different. I hadn’t noticed this until I opened up this box set, but there are definite differences in the grey abdominal areas on the chest piece. The Warrior’s appears to be merely armour whereas the pilot looks to have an extra vented area.

Secondly I neglected to mention the peg holes in the feet. The feet do have C3 holes but they’re set back at the heel rather than in the centre of the foot. Small omission I know, but I felt the need to redress it.

In conclusion: Although the same as the Cylons in the single packs, getting two more in this set does make sense (the Freefall one would make MORE sense to be included here, however).

MMC Score – 7 out of 10 (both Cylons)

Final Thoughts: I Love this set, I’ve waited for ages to open it (held back until I was ready to write the review) and I’m not disappointed. Great versions of key characters in the Razor telemovie make this an essential purchase for the modern BSG enthusiast.

Agree? Disagree? Why not vote for yourself below, or comment further over at the Minimate Multiverse MMC Review Forum.

Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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