Classic Battlestar Minimates were mentioned at the same time as the re-imagined sets were being discussed. However after a few sneak peeks at the ‘mates and some lovely Minimate-styled Colonial Vipers and Cylon Raiders it all went quiet and Minimate fandom decided to console itself with the ‘mates based on the new series. Then, from out of the blue, DST announced two five-pack boxsets based on the classic series; one for the heroes, one for the villains. This review concentrates on the heroes, the Colonial Warriors.



The slim, elegant blister pack shows off all 5 characters nicely. An added bonus is the beautiful artwork on the card itself which features a fleet of Cylon Raider spacecraft from the dark area of a Cylon Centurion’s profile.

The rear of the card features quotes from the opening titles of the classic series and a large picture of the ‘mates. Unfortunately it doesn’t feature the mini biographies we’ve started seeing on the Marvel cardbacks. A huge oversight on DST’s part as a lot of people won’t know who the characters are. The names are listed but people new to classic BSG won’t know who is who.

The Figures

Commander Adama

As portrayed by Lorne Greene, Adama was a no nonsense kind of guy though not as rough and ready as the character from the re-imagined show.

I think DST have done a sterling job of capturing the essence of Adama in this Minimate. The expression is that of a determined man who doesn’t enjoy the decisions he’s had to make. The area around the eyes is excellent, the heavy brow of a deep thinker.

Adama’s uniform is very subdued but also elegant, The silver lining of the cape helps the dark blue costume stand out. Detailing is minimal. The silver of the cape fastener, and the medallion shine out from amongst the blue. Other than that there are some straight lines on the chest that suggest texture but they’re so fine that they get lost in the blue.

Apart from the cape the only other non-standard part is the bottom of Adama’s tunic which sits over the peg of the T-piece. Adama is finished off with plain black feet and a touch of black paint at the base of the legs to suggest boots.

Adama has no accessories, but he didn’t really use any in the show.

In conclusion: A very good likeness of the character livens up what had potential to be a dull Minimate.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Richard Hatch is to the best of my knowledge the only actor so far who has appeared in both versions of Battlestar Galactica (he plays the dissident/terrorist Tom Zarek in re-imagined BSG). As in the new BSG, Apollo is Adama’s son, however they have a much better relationship in the classic series.

The hair’s good, but the face ain’t Richard Hatch. Oh sure it suggests an arrogant confidence; after all, Apollo’s one of the finest young pilots in the fleet, but the likeness is just off. There’s no hint of cheekbone at all and Hatch had quite an angular face back in the day. The hairpiece though is excellent and revels in all of its 1970’s feathery glory.


The uniformed body looks great. The jacket piece is new and those big chunky gold buttons are pretty much perfect. There are insignia on either arm. A blue one just above the elbow on the right and a dark brown one on the left shoulder. I can’t make out what either are supposed to be, and the brown one especially is very murky against the brown sleeve. Under the uniform is what looks like the same dress shirt that Starbuck is wearing only without the ceremonial chains. Apollo’s belt also contains a hip slung holster, though on the ‘mate itself the holster is attached only midway down the leg so as not to impede movement. Apollo is finished with shiny black feet and black decoration around the base of the legs to suggest boots.

Apollo is accessorised with a blaster and his flight helmet. Both are accurate to the show. The flight helmet in particular is a great little accessory with a surprising amount of detail.

In Conclusion: Slightly let down by its dodgy likeness, but still a good Minimate.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


For me Starbuck was always the main man in classic BSG, he was Han Solo with a cigar, throwing cubits around like they were made of paper, and funny as hell. This Minimate Starbuck features him in what I assume is dress uniform.

It’s weird that while this looks like Dirk Benedict (sort of) the expression is one that just doesn’t look right on Starbuck. I’d have rather had a cheesy grin on his face than the slightly worried expression he’s been given. The hair’s good though. Parts wise this is very similar to the Adama Minimate. The cape looks to be the same piece though in brown with a gold trim and no contrast colour for the lining. The tunic bottom is also the same as Adama’s although obviously in its own colours.

I quite like this uniform, indeed all the classic ‘dress’ uniforms were very smart and ornate with their muted colour schemes offset with precious metal. It’s translated well into Minimate format, those fine black lines on the chest and wrists really look good against the fawn costume.

Starbuck’s only accessory is a blaster pistol.

In conclusion: Surprising that they gave Starbuck the dress uniform, but a great ‘mate all the same.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10


Boomer was a bit of a cipher in the original BSG. I could never work out why he was there other than as someone who’d ask Starbuck if their latest jape was really such a good idea. He was an accomplished pilot and later became a Colonel in the Colonial Fleet.

I hate to say it, but this ‘mate looks nothing like Herb Jefferson JR. The eye’s are hangdog where his were steely and the expression around the mouth is very neutral where Boomer should be determined or smiling. The hair is also slightly wrong as it has no texture to it at all, though I can’t really see how DST would be able to get afro-style hair in a Minimate format.


The costume is exactly the same as Apollo’s but Boomer wears his holster on his right hip whereas Apollo’s is on his left. Sadly they’ve not given Boomer his own belt piece so the hip slung section looks a bit silly.

Like Apollo, Boomer is accessorised with a blaster pistol and flight helmet.

In conclusion: A bit of a let-down.

MMC Score – 6 out of 10


So, in the original BSG there was this kid called Boxy. Boxy was very withdrawn because his pet daggit (dog) was killed in the Cylon attack on Caprica. What do you give to the boy whose dog was killed by robots? That’s right… A robot dog! As a kid I thought Muffit was great. As an adult I was somewhat shocked to learn that Muffit was played by a chimpanzee in a suit. What were they thinking?

I can remember seeing the control art for this Minimate a couple of years ago and laughing my head off at it. Not that I thought it was silly, quite the contrary. I was impressed with the thinking at DST that would put a Minimate body on a vertical plane and stick four legs on it. So simple!

Muffit’s head is a sleeve piece that slips over a standard Minimate head. The detailing is spot on, as well it should be. There could be no excuses for messing up the likeness on this little guy, and it really seems to have been a labour of love for whoever designed it. The attention to detail on the eyes is especially welcome by this collector.

Muffit’s body is represented by a chest piece which features a computer input device on the back, and a belt piece that continues into Muffit’s tail. Standard Minimate legs and feet at all four corners round the figure off. The detailing to the legs and feet is excellent with not a single line out of place.

Muffit has no accessories. Not really a surprise given his unique construction.

In conclusion: A work of genius!

MMC Score – 10 out of 10

Overall Thoughts

Final Thoughts: Aside from a couple of minor disappointments, this is a very strong set of Minimates and does justice to the classic series.

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Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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