Here we have a pack containing a battle damaged variant of the Daredevil figure and one of his key nemesises, Bullseye. Although these are based on the comic versions, it means we now have the full set of main characters from the Daredevil films; Daredevil, Elektra, Kingpin and Bullseye.


Wave 4 is the first “proper” wave to feature the new, box-style Marvel Minimates packaging which now is an enclosed box with pictures of the Minimates in action poses.

In a nice touch similar to the Giant-Size X-Men Boxset, pictures of the 2 Minimate’s heads are on the side of the box.

The packaging is a smaller than the old carded 2-packs, and immeasurably cuter. Interestingly, these new boxes are also smaller than the Magneto and Professor X exclusive, too. The Minimates information page has been updated with comparison shots of all 3 types of packaging used for the 2-packs, as well as with a new shot of the back of the box, which now shows a selection of characters both old, new and upcoming.

The figures are packed in a bubble tray, and have no twist-ties holding them in. In this set, there was no clear tray piece that fits over the top and then locks in. The chase version of this set has a top tray piece, along with the rest of wave 4 and 5. I am unsure whether there was supposed to be one with this set or not.


The Figures

Battle Damaged Daredevil


The first figure in this set is a battle damaged Daredevil, who has been executed similarly to Battle Damaged Spider-Man. However, it seems like Daredevil has taken much more of a beating, as the damage evident is much more prominent and striking.


Starting with the head, Daredevil’s mouth is set in a grimace of pain rather than his somewhat stoic appearance as seen on the original Daredevil figure. This expression fits perfectly, showing how much Daredevil is suffering. The mask shows some great damage on it, especially the broken eyehole in the mask. As previously, the mask is removable, to reveal Matt Murdock’s white eyes.

The battle damage on this figure has been incredibly well done. To balance out the plain red of the costume, plenty of black shading has been used to represent dirty or scuffed areas. Just like Spidey, he has suffered a large rip in his costume around the shoulder area. Overall the paint lines are very clear and crisp, the exception being the skin colour on the top of the arm which bleeds over into what should be part of his red costume, but as it’s trying so hard, you don’t tend to notice it too much.

The lower body also has some very intricate battle damage, with the standout being the costume ripped away from the right thigh and knee. Even his gloves and feet have damage on them.


For accessories, Daredevil has the same two billy clubs and belt holster as the original. These still work very well, but I feel Daredevil could benefit from an accessory similar to the Grabline that came with Masked Spider-Man.


Overall, Battle Damaged Daredevil is an exceptional figure. The amount of damage on the figure makes it a more than worthwhile variant, and while I still prefer the original one slightly, I do think this “Battle Damaged” trend works really well for the Minimates.

MMC Score – 8.5 out of 10





The second figure in the set is the assassin that never misses, Bullseye.


Bullseye has a very cartoony look to him, due to his basic colour scheme, simple paint apps and huge scowl on his face. He also has nicely detailed eyes which stare out of his mask, making him look slightly deranged. Overall the head reminds me of Rhino. The mask, which has a bullseye target picked out in white on the front, is removable. Overall the mask and head is very well done.


Bullseye’s costume is mainly blue with white highlights. He also has a separate belt piece. Generally the paint application is OK, but blue seems to be a hard colour to put the white detailing paint onto. Just like Doc Ock, the black lines painted onto the boots to indicate where the white boot finishes and the blue of the costume begins has the white paint app overshooting well into the blue paint app. Again, it’s not a huge problem as it’s done the same way on the packaging but I thought it looked sloppy on Doc Ock and it looks sloppy here too.


Bullseye comes with one knife (not two as shown on the packaging) and be careful, as it’s VERY small and already I’ve nearly lost it a number of times. Still, it’s a fun item to use with Bullseye and very appropriate for the character.


Overall, Bullseye is a strong Minimate with no real flaws. 

MMC Score – 7 out of 10

BullseyeVsElektra1 BullseyeVsElektra2 

Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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