The Mini Flyers are Art Asylum/Playalong’s way of getting more DC Minimates into the market without making larger sets. The Mini Flyers feature one Minimate and one small flying craft. The piece count is low, with just 39 pieces in this set, but really the emphasis is on the Minimates with these small sets. This set features yet another Batman, the 842nd in the C3 line.



The packaging is a very small semi-window box, it’s a lot smaller than the basic sets in waves 1 and 2. The Batman logo appears at the top left. The packaging is done in the normal C3 style, but interestingly, perhaps to highlight the Minimate more, they have added the Minimate head graphic style from the Marvel Minimates sets to the side of the box. I always liked this on the Marvel packaging, and likewise really like the use of it here. To the right, you can see the Minimate very clearly in the window portion of the box.


The C3 pieces are all bagged up in the main part of the box, and the Minimate is packaged in a tray on the right hand side. There is one twist-tie holding the figure in.


The back of the box shows the cross-sell of the other new C3 sets, and a “technical specification” type drawing to show off the set itself.


The Figure



Here we have another Batman figure in Minimate form, to go with all the others already released. This one is worth a second look though, as it is Batman in his iconic blue and grey outfit. All previous Batman Minimates have either been in his black and grey outfit, or different, more exotically coloured costume variants. Another interesting fact is that some of the earliest prototype pictures of Batman in the C3 line were of this blue and grey suit, so it’s good to see it finally released.


This version shares a lot of pieces and design inspirations from the Batman in the large Batmobile set. The cowl is made of the same type of plastic, firmer and less flimsy than that of the one in the mini-Batmobile. The facial expression has changed, though, with Bruce now sporting an odd-looking half grimace. Still, if this particular face doesn’t float your boat, I’m sure you can swap it for a Bruce Wayne head with an expression you do like. It’s not like there aren’t a lot to choose from.


The costume is well detailed, with a large batsymbol on the chest, in black but highlighted well by the yellow border. The muscular detailing is clean with no paint slop. The belt and cape are the same as the larger Batmobile Batman but the gloves aren’t, and tehy don’t appear to be from any other Batman Minimate.

Batman comes with no accessories, but previous versions have always been quite well stocked so it’s not a terrible burden.


Overall, this is a smart version of an iconic look for Batman, well worth checking out, just don’t expect anything drastically different to what we have seen before.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



The Construction Set

Mini Flyer


A Mini Flyer for Batman, king of high-tech gadgets? Now we’re back on firmer, more plausible ground.

Taking its cues from the Batwing (and pretty much all of Batman’s flying vehicles really), the Mini Flyer is in the shape of – you guessed it – a bat. Still, it’s a classic look which is pulled off well here, even in mini form. The colours are the usual Batman dark blue, but the wings have a very sharp yellow trim to them which really stands out.


As with the other Mini Flyer sets, gimmicks are at a premium due to the low block count and simplistic design. The smokey grey translucent canopy opens and has a nice cockpit area for Batman to sit in. A really nice touch can be found on the back of the Mini Flyer, where the batsymbol is picked out in yellow.


Overall, this is another nice Mini Flyer set which fits in well stylistically and thematically with the other Batman vehicles. 

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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