So we come to wave 7 of the much missed DC Minimates. We know these figures are old news now, being a couple of years old, but we would certainly be remiss if we did not finish up reviewing the line here at Minimates Central.

DC wave 7 was, as usual for DC, another strange mix of characters, with some more obscure choices alongside a couple of redo’s of Minimates that first featured in the C3 line.



DC seemed to like to stick to a distinctive look for their mates. The blister card is the same on all releases. I have to confess to having disposed of the packaging for these ages ago, so am unable to review it. However packaging for this line was fairly generic, but if you feel your life is incomplete without seeing it, then please avail yourself of the photos at the excellent Minimate Database. 


The Figures


I find it a bit staggering that DCD would release this Batman variant in place of other A or B list characters. I can only assume they wanted something to stand next to the classic Robin from Wave 2, as it appears to me to be based on the 70’s version of Batman, similar in style to the Batman that came with the C3 Mini-Flyer.

That said this isn’t a bad figure at all. The obvious difference between this and it’s contemporary version is the colouring of the costume and the large black area on the face and greater definition around the nose piece of the mask. There’s some very intricate work going on in the face section of this mask. Look at the incredibly thin eyebrow detailing that’s almost lost within the black area, and that same thin line that runs up the centre of the nose area. Some lovely work there. This bats also has a very cool ‘no nonsense’ expression on the visible part of his face.

The mask looks to be a new piece when compared to the mask of wave 1 Bats; the ears are sharper, more defined and possibly further apart. The mask also appears to be slightly shorter and has a more ‘matte’ finish than the glossy mask on wave 1 Bats.

The face beneath the mask is obviously that of Bruce Wayne, but one of a different era. The hairpiece that goes with it is markedly different to the one packed with modern Bruce Wayne. It has a very definite wavy look as would have been fashionable at the time. It’s interesting when you put the two figures side by side how different they look. The features on Classic Bruce seem to use a lighter line and also appear to be smaller. The head itself is around 1mm smaller which is very odd.

As this is based on an earlier version of Batman there is a lot less definition to the chest muscles and again it appears a lighter print has been used. From a personal viewpoint I actually prefer the way the musculature has been achieved on this ‘mate. it’s a lot more clean looking. It’s always nice to see the old yellow bat-symbol too, and this is excellent in it’s execution, there’s the tiniest touch of yellow between the bat and the outside of the oval, It’s astonishing to see such crisp detail at this scale. The utility belt looks to be a new piece. It’s very similar to the belt that came with the C3 Mini-Flyer Batman but the buckle is different. The gloves and cape are the same as found on wave 1 Bats. Other differences include black trunks instead of blue, higher boots, and some muscle definition on the thighs.

Surprisingly Batman has no accessories. Bit of an own goal when he’s got so many marvelous toys.

In Conclusion: Taking up the space of a more deserving character but still an excellent looking Minimate. I’m a huge fan of this little guy.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10



This could be any one of a number of characters to have carried the alias Clayface, though the one it most resembles is the version seen in Batman: The Animated Series.

I can recall at the time of release that this figure caused a fair amount of controversy on the Minimate Multiverse message boards. The question most often asked was ‘is it actually a Minimate?’. That’s a fair enough question as it really doesn’t resemble a standard Minimate at all, but then it does look like it should be there when standing among a whole big bunch of ‘mates. On to the review…

I don’t think this Clayface ‘mate actually has a head. Oh I’m not denying it has a face. It has a great face. It’s all textured and gnarled and looks like it’s just told a really good joke. But it doesn’t have a head. At least, I can’t find the head. I’ve tried to remove the piece of plastic that covers the mate from (missing?) head almost to its knees but it didn’t want to budge and I didn’t want to break it. But I suspect there is no head.

Clayface is well represented here though. He looks like he’s made of mud and isn’t concentrating all that hard on his appearance. That huge piece of plastic adds an impressive amount of bulk especially as the ‘mate beneath is of the 2 1/2″ scale used in most waves of the DC Minimates line to bring larger characters like Brainiac 13, Ares, Killer Croc, Bane, and Kilowog to life. The non-standard hands and feet help to add even more mass to the figure, making him look absolutely enormous in comparison to a regular 2″ Minimate. All this mass does affect his articulation though, and not having a movable head means that there are far fewer points of articulation than on a normal Minimate. Clayface was never going to need as many poses as Batman or Wonder Woman, though. He really just has to stand there and look mean, which he does well.

Clayface has no accessories.

In Conclusion: Nicely executed but unnecessary.

MMC Score – 6 out of 10


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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