Here we have a Minimate exclusive that was commissioned by the Dave School to commemorate their CGI short film Batman: New Times. Thanks to Jeff from the Dave School for sending me this to review on Minimates Central.



Like all the promotional Minimates, the Dave School Exclusive Minimate is packaged in a small baggie. The baggie is slightly wider than other promotional exclusives. The printed text is on a sticker attached to the baggie, and the sticker takes up most of one side.


The back of the baggie has the logos of Art Asylum and the Dave School.


The Figure

Dave’s School Exclusive Batman


Unlike the blank convention exclusive Minimates or Santa Spidey, this Dave School exclusive Minimate is essentially a reissue of a pre-existing Minimate, that of the Batman Minimate from the Mini Batmobile. There are no changes to the Minimate, except this exclusive has the <> torso peg holes rather than the hexagonal torso peg holes of the earlier Minimates, although as C3 were the first Minimates to receive the new torso peg standard, there were reports of some Batman Minimates from the Mini Batmobile sets having the <> torsos when they were first released.


Interestingly, it has since been found that the Mini Batmobiles available in the UK (since February 2005) have both types of torso peg holes too, so I am unsure as to whether the stock hitting the UK is leftover US stock or newly produced for our market.

The figure doesn’t have any of the more recent Minimate additions like a hole in the head or the newer leg construction, but I found the joints to be much tighter than my annoyingly-floppy original Batman. The cape, cowl and gloves are all still very soft. In a nice touch, he has all the accessories of the original, including the batarang gun and the C3 feet. Maybe the inclusion of the batarang gun is the reason the baggie is that bit bigger.

As a promo exclusive, I won’t give an MMC score, but it is really just an existing Minimate in an exclusive baggie, and as such might not be as sought after as some of the more snazzy exclusives.


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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