The Spirit boxset wasn’t the only set using the Spirit movie licencing. DST also created a Previews Exclusive available to people ordering through the industry-standard magazine. In this set are two rejigged versions of characters available in the boxset, rather than any new characters shown in the film.



This 2-pack is contained in packaging reminsiscent of the BSG and Star Trek packs, with a large clear bubble on a card. The Spirit artwork is obviously done in the same way as the 4-pack so it all looks consistent. The Spirit logo has the “PX” symbol alongside it, denoting its exclusive status. This is repeated on the back of the card which again has the nice silouette along with slightly generic text explaining the characters somewhat. Nowhere near the level of the bios found on the Marvel sets, though. As with the 4-pack, this packaging looks good and shows off the Minimates themselves well.



The Figures

Battle Damaged Spirit


First up in the set is a battle damaged version of the film’s main character. Denny Colt is the Spirit, and in this set he’s taken a bit of a beating!


Battle Damaged variants have been a Minimates mainstay since the early days of the Marvel line. Pretty much every big-name character in Minimate form (except Wolverine, strangely enough!) has had a version with ripped clothes and lots of scuffmarks. Spidey’s had about 4(!!), and Captain America has had 2. The holy trinity of DC – Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman – have also had battle damaged versions. So it’s not a massive surprise that the Spirit gets one even though there are only 6 figures produced from the entire license.


The expression on the face is suitably weary, with the mouth forming a grimace. On his left cheek a lipstick kiss can clearly be seen – so it’s not all battle damage! The hairpiece is different to the impeccably-styled original one in the 4-pack, it’s a bit more untidy, though not as tousled as perhaps it could have been. This figure comes packaged with a hat, identical to the original Spirit’s, which is a nice touch, even if it would have been cool to get a battered hat as well.


The battle damage is mainly of the ripped clothing variety. I would have thought that given the reuse of the hat, that the tie would be a reuse too, as they are both unique pieces from the Spirit. However the tie is not a reuse, it’s a new mold, similar to the first one but more untidy. Big points to DST for that kind of detail, which is the kind of thing that separates the cheaply done battle damage variants from the more worthy ones. If you remove the tie, the shirt is ripped, and one of the pockets have come away. The sleeves are rolled up on this Minimate, another difference to the original. He doesn’t get a trenchcoat. My figure is missing a paint ap on the back of the right trainer. I don’t know if this is widespread.

BDSpirit5 BDSpirit6

The Spirit has no accessories except for the additional hat.


In conclusion, this Minimate is one of the more successful battle damaged variants we’ve seen in the Minimates line, due mainly to some great touches like the tie. He is a character that does get involved in a fair few scuffles in the film, so it’s a worthwhile variant, if not able to claim the title of the signature version, which remains the one in the boxset.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Formal Wear Sand Saref


Sand Saref, woman of many outfits and talents. Here she is looking very swish in her formal wear.

FormalSandSaref2 FormalSandSaref3

The face on this Minimate is attractively done, with Eva’s big brown eyes a highlight. My figure has a mark just below the mouth which spoils the look slightly. The hairpiece is really nice, a beehive-style ‘do with a lock of hair escaped and curling around her face. The skin tone is slightly darker than on catsuit Sand Saref, so swapping heads doesn’t work qite as well as it could.

FormalSandSaref4 FormalSandSaref6

The look is to capture an elegant dress, and it does so with considerable panache. The dress is portrayed using two uniquely sculpted pieces – a scarf/cape piece that hangs down her back, and the lower torso “skirt” piece, which is full length and covers all her lower body, except for one of the shoes, which peeks out. Overall, the look is pulled off really well, and the detailing on the chest block helps maintain the illusion. The only gripe I have is the bracelet detailing misses the white strap all the way around and so it looks a bit messy.

Sand Saref comes with no accessories. I can’t remember if she had a small handbag or anything, so we’ll let them off this time. Plus pretty much everything’s a new sculpt so they have to draw the line somewhere.


In conclusion, this is not one of your more action-packed Minimates, given that many of the points of articulation are hindered by the outfit, but it captures a specific look very well considering its block-figure limitations, and is suitably different to the 4-pack Sand Saref to warrant attention. If nothing else, there are many “playas” in the Marvel and DC universes (Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, I’m looking at you!) who would love to have her as arm-candy. 

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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