Here we have a very special Minimate exclusive. Limited to a mere 100 pieces, this is one of the rarest Minimate exclusives out there. The Art Asylum Talk Member Minimate exclusive was the brainchild of ThatBlokeTimbo, a frequent contributor to Minimates Central and regular poster at Art Asylum’s own forums, which I link to often in the news updates. Tim managed to convince Adam at Art Asylum to send him 100 blanks, to which he applied the Art Asylum Forum logo, a bomb symbol. He then individually numbered them and labelled them up for the people that posted at the Art Asylum boards and help maintain the friendly community found there. So this Minimate is an interesting mix; partly fan custom, partly authorized by Art Asylum themselves.


Tim took the cues for the packaging from most of the existing Minimates promo exclusives and put each figure in a baggie. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? There is no sticker, instead the Minimate rests on a piece of thin card which has the Art Asylum logo on, plus who it was customised for. It even has a Safety notice on it! The left side has an outline of the Minimate on it.

AATMPackaging1 AATMPackaging2


The Figure

Art Asylum Talk 2005 Blank


This blank Minimate features the same body type as the previous 2005 blanks, and as it is white, it is very reminiscent of the Free Comic Book Day Minimate and the Toyfair 2005 Minimate


The Minimate has all the refinements of the new body type; hole in the head, C3 feet, longer torso peg, and different leg construction. 


The bomb logo is the only real distinguishing feature of this Minimate, taken from the icon you click to enter the forums on the Art Asylum website. The logo has been applied expertly by Tim, who has created some lovely customs in the past, however, as he says, it probably isn’t as solid as a “real” applied logo so treat it with a bit of caution. 


As a promo exclusive, this doesn’t get an actual MMC score, but it is certainly one of my favorite Minimates in my collection because it was made for me. You won’t (or shouldn’t) see these on eBay, the only way to get them was to have contributed to the Art Asylum forum. The fact that these are all personalized might raise questions over the “validity” of this exclusive as regards to how official it is but that doesn’t disguise the fact that this is a fantastic achievement and gesture by Tim.


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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