The beauty of Marvel Minimates having been around for so long means that DST are increasingly looking past the big marquee name heroes and giving fandom just a little of what they want. Sure there’ll always be Spidey’s, Wolvies, and Iron Man, but so long as they dish out the fan-faves they’re more than welcome.


You know the drill by now. Standard Marvel cardboard carton with it’s control art and viewing windows to the front. The side flaps display photos of the Minimates within. The rear of the box features bio boxes of the characters in the 2 pack and a large ensemble photo of the entire wave.


The Figures

Armored DareDevil


This look for Daredevil came from around the mid-90’s when it was first becoming hip to completely eff up the life of a big character. Daredevil’s alter ego Matt Murdock had to fake his own death and came up with an alternative look for Daredevil made of ‘biometric’ material. Biometric in this instance meaning material that would amplify his strength while to a degree cushioning his body from any impact. 


The Minimate itself is a fairly stock affair, the only non-standard parts being the mask and fighting sticks. The mask itself is the same piece we’ve seen on prior versions of Daredevil. The face beneath has an expression which is very similar to the Target Daredevil that came packaged with Ghost Rider. Similar, but it’s not the same, and the eyes are set much wider apart. We do get a new hairpiece, it’s not as chunky as previous version but DST have neglected to include Matt’s glasses so he’s looking a tad vacant in his alternate guise. In my opinion it’s just plain daft that Matt Murdoch is represented here as having whited out eyes. It would have been much better if DST had gone with a dark glasses print.


The costume itself is a fairly sober affair. A grey all-in-one with red highlights on the chest and arms and silver armor detailing at shoulders, wrists, thighs, knees, and ankles. I’m fairly certain this armor was white in the comic, so can’t quite understand why DST have chosen silver? Maybe it just didn’t look right white? Anyway, it does look okay and helps break up the darker tones. The silver detailing itself is well applied, in fact all the applications are very crisp, but there’s a slight error on the knees. One knee has two line of armor below, the other only one. Barely noticeable except on the closest of inspections. One major omission is the lack of a holster for his billy club but it appears that this wasn’t a part of the armored costume. I’d hate to think where he kept it!


Armored Daredevil is accessorized with two fighting sticks. They appear to be a re-use of the sticks packed with the DC Direct Nightwing Minimate.

In conclusion: Armored Daredevil will have its fans, but doesn’t do much for me.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Moon Knight


Another long requested Minimate. Moon Knight is, I guess, Marvel’s answer to Batman. Except he’s even more of a lunatic and wears an all-white suit as that really ‘blends’ with the shadows. For some reason I’m finding it hard to start this review. Maybe I shouldn’t be the person to write it, because, even though I don’t know all that much about the character I love this Minimate so it’s hard to stay objective. 


I think the first thing that hits you about this mate is that fantastic cape. Look at it, it’s fantastic! It really is. I love the way it swoops forward before wrapping back around the figure. It’s also extremely well balanced and helps keep the figure standing. The hood (another new piece) fits perfectly into the neck of the cape. The only drawback to this is that you can only really having the figure looking directly ahead as any other pose lifts the hood away from the body and frankly looks a bit silly. The ‘mates face is merely a Rorschach-type blot with beady white eyes set against a grey head. It’s suitably chilling but limited in scope.


The rest of the ‘mate is quite standard, the only real embellishments being the utility belt and the gloves. The gloves are ace, I really like the spiked knuckles but the angle of the hands and plastic that’s been used makes it difficult to place the supplied boomerangs in the hands. A further limitation is down to that glorious cape. Upper arm articulation is seriously compromised and leaves very few posing possibilities . The boomerangs attach to pegs on the belt but getting them on the pegs is an incredibly fiddly operation.

Decoration on the ‘mate is minimal. There’s a very rugged torso print with a moon emblem sitting between the pecs. Unfortunately the emblem is obscured just a bit by the cape and doesn’t really stand out as well as it should. The only other decoration is around the ankles. All the lines are well applied; nothing is out of place and thankfully there’s no bleeding on the lines.


Moon Knight is accessorized with the two aforementioned ‘Moon-arangs’.

In conclusion: Lovely looking, but flawed. I’d like give it a 10 on looks alone, but there are too many compromises made to get those looks.


MMC Score – 7 out of 10


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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