Marvel Minimates wave 19 had some often-requested characters in its selection, making it a hit when it appeared in comic stores in early 2008. Here we have a pack containing wave 19’s variant figure, Archangel, who is packaged with Apocalypse. As the big A’s already been reviewed only the variant will be covered.


No change in the shape of the packaging since the last wave but it’s a lot brighter. Wave 19’s packaging shares the same dark blue/light blue colour scheme and features character art work behind the photographs of the Minimates. On the front of the box Archangel has a very different pose to that of Death Archangel. He also has the ‘Variant Enclosed’ stamp on his side of the packaging. Apocalypse still looks ‘meh’.

The back of the box has a group shot of the characters in this wave as well as a nice big Minimates logo above them. There’s also the usual biography boxes explaining who the characters are and what their powers they have. Quite useful for people who may not know what characters they’re buying.


The Figure



Following the events of the ‘Fall of the Mutants’ storyline, Warren Worthington III throws off the influence of Apocalypse and rejoins his X-Factor team-mates, taking the name Archangel and wearing one of his old costumes. Though he still bears the metal wings and blue skin that Apocalypse’s genetic manipulations endowed upon him, he seeks to become the man he once was.

This variant is a much more human looking figure than the Death Archangel. For a start he has long flowing blonde hair and his eyes have visible pupils instead of being whited out. The expression is similar to Death Archangel but nowhere near as intense.


Archangel wears a blue and white version of Angel’s costume. Presumably so that it doesn’t clash with his blue skin? From a distance it looks great, the halo emblem is crisp, and the muscle definition looks good set against the white inverted triangle of the chest portion of the suit. Unfortunately the white section of the wing piece bifurcates the blue part of the suit where they meet at the waist but it doesn’t spoil the overall look of the figure. What is a shame, is that on close inspection there’s a fair amount of bleed over and misting between the white and blue sections. This is particularly noticeable on the upper arms and lower legs.

Archangel3 Archangel4

The wings are exactly the same piece as found on Death Archangel and look just as good here. For some reason the wings on my Archangel sweep forward more as if they’re about to envelop the figure. Not a problem as they still look great but its weird how exactly the same piece of plastic can behave in such a different way.

Like the original, Archangel has no accessories.

In conclusion: Sloppy paint applications aside, this is another lovely looking Minimate.

MMC Score – 9.5 out of 10



Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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