Halo is one the most popular, and some considered best, first-person shooter series on a video game console. This is the fourth wave of minimate figures based on this line that has also seen several impressive vehicle set releases. So how does Halo stack up to the rest of the minimate lines, read on to find out…


The packaging is the blister card pack showcasing the figures and accessories. The pack has an insert with the HALO and on the right side of the pack there is a tab with Series 4 on it. The back shows all the figures in this series along with short bio of each of the two characters included. 


The Figures

Arbiter (Ripa ‘Moramee)

Now I’ll be honest with you, I’ve only played Halo a handful of times. My main interest in this set was for particular pieces to use for customs. So if you want more info on his story, check here.  One of the best things about this Halo line is the modifications to the minimate base form to allow such different, non-human body forms to be created. They did a great job recreating characters from the game you normally wouldn’t expect to make a good minimate.
Instead of the traditional minimate head, he has a highly sculpted neck extension with a head-peg facing outwards instead of upright. This allows a smaller minimate headpiece with hole in the back to fit in and still have forward facing face. He even has sculpted helmet too. The colors and paint apps are terrific. The only complaint is you can’t see his face very well, but I’m guessing this is just the design from the game.
The Arbiter has a silver torso cover that lines up with his neck extension. His arms have sculpted armor on the shoulders with claw hands. Again top notch details all over. The waist peg (minus the waist) is what we’ve seen before with bulked up characters to allow easier leg movement. Even though his legs are somewhat normal size with armor on the front.  His large boots/feet are angled so that he has the reverse leg look.
For an accessory he comes with a light translucent purple energy sword. Anyone that has ever played or even slightly seen a Halo games is familiar with this weapon. He definitely makes for good custom fodder. He has tons of details, great parts and connectors that would make a good start for other customs.
In conclusion you don’t have to be a Halo fan to appreciate such a well done minimate figure.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Prophet of Mercy

This is one of the three High Prophets that are supreme leaders of the Covenant in Halo (thanks Wikipedia!). Again this is another character with a non-traditional minimate body.
The entire base of Mercy is one sculpted piece for his hovering throne. Awesome job on this base and I can almost picture something similar being done for Tron Bonne if we would have had another MvC3 wave. The trick of this base is that it has a torso peg in the middle for the upper body which also allows you to pivot the body around in his throne.
His arms have sculpted details for his shoulders with good paint apps all around. Interesting extended three finger hands with large cuffs too. His torso cover has an ornate gold motif extension in the back. He also has a very unique headpiece. It’s shaped like an extended turtle neck/head with a removable crown on the top.
Prophet of Mercy doesn’t have any accessories but honestly I’m not sure if he is supposed to have one. He makes for another great custom fodder character. I for one bought this set for his head and hands alone.
Not quite what you would expect as a minimate but another excellent figure.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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