Wave 31 of Marvel Minimates doesn’t have much of a unified theme, being mainly but not exclusively X-Men, but does bring us some much-requested new characters.


Standard Marvel carton. No surprises here apart from the large ‘VARIANT’ stamped sideways up the box. This version of Angel is NOT the variant – Silver Age Angel is. A real screw-up by DST.

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The Figures



Warren Worthington III has it all. Breeding, wealth, good looks, and wings. WINGS? Waitttttaminute!… Aerial tactician for the original X-Men, Warren has also used his wealth in a variety of ways to help both mutant and humankind. This version of Angel has him in his blue and white post-Archangel costume.

This Minimate is pretty much the same figure that came with the Champions Boxset, only here the costume is blue instead of red, and all of the contrast areas are white. The headpiece is the same but at least the facial expression is different. Quite a determined looking Angel here. The hair and the mask piece that sit around the sides of Angel’s face are all one piece. It looks ok, the hair is great, but for some reason the mask section flares away from the right of the face and looks a tad odd.


The print on the chest piece is nice and sharp, the halo emblem is very well done. There’s the tiniest amount of gold paint within the black outlines but there’s no bleedover at all. A shame that the same cannot be said for some of the white areas on this figure – the tops of the arms are a bit sloppy and the blue on the legs shows through the white area that denotes the top of Angel’s boots.

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Like the other versions of Angel, the most striking aspect of this Minimate is the wings. A bracket similar to the one that was used to excellent effect on the Archangel, and Death Archangel Minimates connects via the neck piece, runs down the length of Angel’s back and is held in place sitting between the waist and chest block. The wings attach to posts that sit proud to the bracket. This is a great piece of design as it doesn’t add unnecessary bulk to what is supposed to be a light, athletic type of character. The wings look great and can be posed in a number of positions, though for display purposes it’s best to have them in a neutral position as the wingtips help balance the figure. One small complaint is that the white area on the bracket doesn’t line up correctly with the white on the torso and the T-piece, something that was handled correctly with the X-Factor Angel.

Angel has no accessories.

In conclusion: This Minimate soars above the mundane, despite one or two flaws.

MMC Score – 7 out of 10



Multiple Man


Minimate army builders are usually samey-looking henchmen types, filling out the ranks by their numbers, like the AIM Soldiers and Hydra Agents, that kind of thing. Jamie Madrox is just one guy, but fulfils the army builder role in this wave. How so, I hear you ask in shocked disbelief? He is a mutant, able to create living breathing duplicates of himself. All of which have their own sense of self, and some of whom try to go their own way.


I don’t know what it is, but as an X-Factor fan and fan of the character himself this doesn’t really look like Jamie Madrox. It might have helped if DST had at least included the M tattoo over Madrox’s right eye. It’s a look he’s been sporting for a good couple of years now and would have helped make the ‘mate a bit more recognisable. As it is, this could be anyone.


Madrox styles himself as a private investigator so he tends to wear fairly nondescript outfits these days rather than his frankly quite awful superhero costume. Makes for a good private eye, but a rather dull Minimate. A brown trenchcoat over a brown top isn’t much of a treat for the eyes, even with that funky design on the chest. There’s minimal muscle definition but that’s okay as Madrox is more of a thinker and a planner than king of the slugfests.


To lighten the tedium a little DST have included alternative arms so you can display Madrox sans coat. Nice touch but… well it’s still a bit dull. Worth noting though, is that there’s another funky design on the back of the figure. That could easily have been overlooked. Sadly it doesn’t really add anything to this rather lacklustre Minimate. I guess it is always nice to have different options when you are displaying more than one, though.

Multiple Man has no other accessories.

In conclusion: If Minimates were colours, this one would be beige.


MMC Score – 5 out of 10


Review and pictures by Rad Kerrigan

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