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Rock stars are cool. Making figures of them is a good idea. Making cute 3″ block figures out of them, maybe not as good an idea. Let’s find out.


The majority of the 2002-era Minimates came in plastic tubes. These were no doubt very expensive to produce and must have added a lot to the unit costs, and later 3″ Minimates would be carded. Some lines, like Star Trek and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, have Minimates that came in both styles of packaging. Each Rock Minimate I have has been in the tube, so I’m not sure if carded versions ever came out. Certainly if they did, they aren’t as prevalent.

Alice Cooper

Getting the faces right on any figure is crucial, and not more so when you only have a few lines to convey a personality. Like most of the 3″ Minimates, the detailing on Alice’s face is very sparse, but manages to create a very good impression of him. The frown is one simple line, no cheek wrinkles or chin. The eyes have the requisite amount of gothness about them, with the mascara points surrounding the eyes themselves. Topping off this excellent facial detail is a shock of black hair, a really nice hairpiece.


Alice has a very simple costume, yet it has been implemented superbly. The white “bone” lines on the T-shirt are flawless, and along each leg the word “Alice” appears in red. To complete the shock-rocker image, Alice comes with a bright red codpiece! Never thought I’d get one of them in a figure. Captain Kirk has already requested one too! Finally, Alice has some big sturdy boots, although they are not quite as metallic and evil looking as Rob Zombie’s.

Alice comes with an accessory – quite a rarity for the 3″ Minimate lines. It’s a vicious little dagger that he looks quite menacing holding. This means he can cause a ruckus against your Crouching Tiger figures, although taking on a ninja might be a bit much for the ageing theatrical rocker.

Overall, this Alice Cooper figure just works. The detailing is good, the look is spot on, if cutified, and the accessories are certainly different. He’d be a nice addition to the 3″ Minimate ranks for anyone’s collection.

MMC Score – 8 out of 10

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Review and pictures by Danny Mills.

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