Here we have a 3″ Minimate from 2003, promoting the ADV Films website which sells anime. Although like “Break Boy” I’ve placed the review in the Promo Minimates section, it’s more of a retail exclusive than a true promotional item because you could order it through their website, however as you will see, something major will prevent me from giving it an MMC score at the end.


The packaging is unique on several levels. First off, it’s the only Minimate released in a cardboard slipcase. Most promotional Minimates are released in baggies, but this one wasn’t, due to the other unique thing about the packaging: This Minimate is encased in a bar of soap. Yup. It’s a bar of soap with a Minimate inside. How bizarre. The soap bar itself is wrapped in clear “clingfilm”-type wrapping, so the bar isn’t exposed when it’s in the cardboard slipcase.


The other interesting point to note for Minimate fans is that the packaging has absolutely no mention of Art Asylum. There’s no text, no copyright, no logo. Instead it mentions the “Omake figure”. Another oddity from a figure which is pretty odd to begin with.



The Figure

ADV Soapmate Blank


The Minimate itself appears to be a pretty standard black blank, similar to the Art Ayslum or Tower Records 3″ blanks available at around the same time. Like all the promotional blanks, the ADV Films logo is prominent on the torso block. The logo’s colours of white and light purple stand out very well against the black, and can be clearly seen even through the soap. The soap has a yellowy tinge and the bar itself is actually heavily than you’d think. 


The ADV Minimate comes with no accessories, except you could count the soap itself as an accessory I suppose. 


Overall, this would liven up anyone’s Minimate display and be a real talking point. Encased in the soap, it’s a unique look which hides the more mundane black blank better than any baggie. Well worth picking one up if you can find one.


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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