Back to life! The new Star Trek legacy waves bring together a nice collection from all parts of the Trek universe. From one of the best Trek films comes this pairing of Admiral Kirk and Khan.




The packaging is the blister card pack showcasing the figures and accessories. The pack has an insert with the Star Trek logo . The back shows the other figures available in the series with short bio of each of the two characters included.
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The Figures

Admiral Kirk (field jacket)


Captain James T… hold on; that’s right, in this movie he had been moved up to admiral. Admiral James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise as we all know and love him, played by William Shatner.
AKKhan08 AKKhan07 AKKhan06
His hairpiece is spot on, even the vacuum of space couldn’t mess up that perm. The facial likeness to Shatner is very good. Just a few simple detail lines do the trick. What is awesome about this set is they’ve included a spare head with Kirk screaming “KHAAAAAN”. It’s hands down one of my favorite extra heads included in a set.
He has a large torso cover for his red field jacket. A lot of detail work has been put into this jacket with its collar, pockets, logos and all the trimwork. His has a pair of red arms for the full jacket look, complete with Starfleet logo and his stripes. Underneath he had a red vest with a good amount of detail put into it. They’ve also included a spare pair of white colored arms for the sans jacket look. He even has an extra neck collar fitting over the neck peg for his white turtle-neck. His black legs had some red belt details along with red/gold stripe down the side.
AKKhan09 AKKhan10 AKKhan11
Kirk comes with several accessories; a silver wrist communicator with black strap, a handheld communicator and a phaser. Included in the set are two clear base stands. I’m not sure how well this figure would do for customizing other generic Starfleet characters as the outfit is fairly specific to Kirk but overall some good pieces.
In conclusion, iconic and very well made with all the extras. Great for hardcore Trek fans and general sci-fi fans alike.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Khan (Wrath of Khan)


Khan, played by Ricardo Montalban, is one of the wider known villains from the Star Trek universe and one of the more iconic film villains as well. After being exiled he returns in the second Trek movie to get his revenge on Kirk.
AKKhan16 AKKhan18
Hairpiece again is top notch and outstanding facial details; they nailed his bushy eyebrows and the deep worn lines on his face. There is no mistaking this is Montalban.
His torso cover nicely replicates his torn vest from the film. Nice details all around and especially on his belt buckle. I’m not sure what the little brown belt piece is on the side but mine keeps falling off (little superglue can fix that however). His arms continue the torn look of his vest and underneath he has some torso detail along with little Starfleet necklace as well. His right hand is a black glove with silver detail on top of his hand and he comes with a silver bracelet on his left arm. You’ll notice his legs have more intricate fabric detail on them. I like they went the extra step to do this rather than just plain tan pants.
AKKhan19 AKKhan20
No other accessories for him but like Kirk he comes with a clear base stand. Again some great pieces for fodder (that hair certain can be used for many other customs).

One of the top Trek villains given top treatment with an excellent figure in one of the best Trek 2-packs I’ve seen so far.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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