Wave 34 concerns itself with more 90s-style X-Men, based on the very popular cartoon designs of the time. Here we get another version of Cyclops and the second Jean Grey in the wave.


No real need to redesign such a successful package, everyone knows what it looks like now.


The Figures

90’s Cyclops


Scott Summers is no stranger to Marvel Minimates, having been one of the most-released X-Men in the line, which is fitting as he’s usually the commander of the team. Much like the 90s Beast and Rogue pack this wave, this 90s version of Scott is trading on a very popular look for him.


There have been some well-detailed Cyclops faces before and this one is no exception. Like most of his wave-mates, the detailing lines here are thin and add character without appearing too busy. The visor is attached to the hairpiece and is a new version, with the hair conforming to the newer detailed style of Minimates these days. The puzzling thing is the colour. Unlike the rest of the yellow highlights on his body, the visor is an off-gold colour, noticeably darker than the yellow. Interestingly, the control art on the front of the box has the visor in yellow. I don’t know why it was changed, it doesn’t have a big impact but I’m sure it would have looked better if everything was yellow.


Remove the visor and you get to see Scott’s ruby-quartz glasses. With the accompanying extra hairpiece this is a very nice alternative look if the visor colour bugs you too much!


The costume is also tailored to the recent detailed look that Minimates sport. In the early days, he was lucky if he got a bit of muscle definition, but here, as well as having superb shadowing on the chest block. the very 90s strapping over the torso has been included and looks fabulous. The strapping wraps round the neck and arm holes and incorporates the belt piece. It gets two X-symbols on it and they have been applied really well for such a small scale. There are also additional bands on his wrists, upper thighs and boots, to bulk him out a bit without going too overboard. This makes him look very similar to his cartoon counterpart.


Cyclops comes with no other accessories, he’s never come with anything in previous incarnations as a Minimate so this isn’t too surprising.

In conclusion: Chalk up another definitive version to this wave. Cyclops’ look has been captured brilliantly, with only the visor issue being a niggle.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10



90’s Jean Grey


I know Jean’s a popular gal with almost a dozen Minimates of her, but wouldn’t have pegged her in the same bracket as Iron Man, Wolverine or Spider-Man in having two Minimates in a single wave (without being the variant). That’s impressive stuff. The Black Queen Jean Grey in this wave doesn’t really fit in with the other 90s remakes, and we haven’t had a 90s Jean, so here she is twice.


Like the others in this wave, Jean gets a representation of her in her 90s costume, but unlike the others, it’s not her most iconic, and is in fact a bit of an eyesore, made worse by the limitations of the Minimate pieces. Lets start with the face. It’s horrible. I’ve said in the previous female Minimates reviews that they have managed to not look too busy, but here, there’s far too much detail. Having to get the blue facemask detailing in on the top and sides of the head block makes her head look enormous, and whilst the hairpiece is well sculpted, it is a large piece and adds to that effect too. Couple these issues with the shoulder pad piece obscuring the thin neck peg, and she just looks ridiculously bulky, squat and triangular.


The detailing on the costume is heavy handed, too. The black detailing lines for the chest (almost like pecs) and abs definition are much thicker than those seen on, for example, Rogue, and add to the impression of almost manly size and power, something Jean is not about. The double-banded bracelets on the wrists also add to this look.


The legs don’t get any detailing at all and look very plain, with just the washed-out orangey colour. Visually, it’s not a good look all round.


Jean Grey doesn’t have any accessories, again, like Cyclops, she’s rarely been provided them for her Minimate representations.

In conclusion: A real 90s misstep in terms of costume, and executed very poorly to boot. The worst of the 90s figures by a mile.


MMC Score – 4 out of 10


Review and pictures by Danny Mills

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