3D Printed Minimate Accessories


Luke has a new line of 3D Printed minimate accessories at Luke’s Toy Store. We’ll take a look at the Force Spheres, Hammer Catching, Hammer Throwing, Ice Blast and Shield Throwing accessories to see how they turned out.



The Accessories

Hammer Throwing

3Da01 3Da02 

Each accessory is made of a clear strong plastic more akin to what we’ve seen in the recent plastic bases included in minimate sets. First up is the hammer throwing accessory. Obviously one of Thor’s hammers will fit nicely in the two spaced clips at the wider end but since most handheld weapons/accessories are the same size so that they fit in minimate hands you can use this for other items. The thinner side fits snug (not too tight and not too loose) in minimate hands, even gloves and bulkier hand pieces. It’s great for action poses not usually easily possible with handheld items. The only thing to look out for is balance; make sure especially with heavier items that you balance your figure such as using a base stand.
3Da03 3Da04

Hammer Catching


Next up is the hammer catching accessory. This one has a rectangle slots at the wider end which allows an item to fit into it such as a hammer. You can also use other items that fit to make it look like your throwing that item (knives work well, especially with the angles you can create with your items). Again you want to make sure to balance your figure when using heavier items.
3Da06 3Da07

Shield Throwing

3Da08 3Da09 

This accessory is very handy. I’ve wanted to be able to setup an action shot with a character throwing/catching its shield. Now I can! Same clear plastic but this time the wider end has a small peg that fits into the peg holes on the shields (place where usually the glove peg would fit). I had an easier time balancing with this accessory, perhaps due to shields being lighter weight. It’s a really fun accessory, my favorite of the bunch.
3Da10 3Da11

Force Spheres


For this accessory there are three clear spheres that radiate out from one central spot by three shafts. The shorter end fits snug into the minimate hand. These are good for action shots for several characters like Susan Storm or even ice characters like Iceman. And since you’re not holding another item along with this accessory, balancing is a lot easier. Also simply grab a marker for your desired color and you can instantly create spheres of any color.
3Da13 3Da14 3Da15

Ice Blast

3Da16 3Da17 

I love how this accessory looks, just like an ice ball blast. One end is a partial sphere that has a blast effect coming from the tail of it. You could easily grab some markers and turn it into a fire red blast or any color blast you wanted. The smaller hand grip end fits snugly in the minimate hand. Again balance not too bad with this depending on your angle.
3Da18 3Da19
Overall these accessories are excellent! It is a lot of fun to pose the characters with these and they’re great for creating action scenes.

MMC Score – 9 out of 10


Review and pictures by Lurch77

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